Monday, December 8, 2008

A few new pictures....

We had a friend & photographer come out last Wednesday and she captured these amazing pictures of Elise. Isn't she precious?!?

We had another great weekend with Elise. She's sleeping as well as any newborn and nursing up a storm!! Jaws is officially home and is so well behaved! He doesn't seem jealous, or nervous, or anything else that I was worried about. He seems to understand that she's the newest member of our family and she's here to stay :)
I'm pretty much feeling back to normal, still a little sore (a 4th degree tear isn't expected to heal overnight!) but nothing too awful. I've had lots of energy the past week and a half since she arrived and I think the lack of sleep & me being "on the go" is finally starting to get to me. I have three more days with Matt home; he goes back to work Friday-Sunday. I'm going to try and maximize his time here and force myself to nap every day.
I know I have lots of phone calls to return, and to all of you- I promise to call this week!!!!

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