Sunday, February 20, 2011

BIG News!

Elise has a lil' secret.
And she's very excited to share her news!
She's going to be a BIG SISTER!!!
Baby #2 is due to make its arrival on September 2.
And we can't wait!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Buddy and Me!

Remember that toy, "My Buddy" that had that really annoying jingle? There was also "Kid Sister"? Elise and Baby totally remind me of that jingle. By the way, Baby's name is Baby. She has no other name. And I think she might be blind. Or something... because Elise insists on Baby's eyes being covered at all times by the rim of her hat. She freaks out if Baby's eyes are visible.

Where ever she goes, Baby follows, and manages to do the exact same thing as Elise. It's cute... and a little obsessive bordering on OCD. We may have to have an intervention soon.

Let's Rodeo San Antonio!!

It finally warmed up after our brutal winter and we took Elise to the Rodeo! She loved it!

Petting Zoo with daddy. (Matt totally dressed the part :)
Merry-Go-Round! That was a huge hit and she still talks about it :)
Milking a cow... what every tiny Texan needs to learn how to do.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had a fun little Valentine's Playdate.
Alecia's decor is always beautiful and she makes such fun meals for the kids :)

We failed big time in getting a group pic... this is the best I've got :)

It was a super fun afternoon. The moms had delicious food as well and I loved spending time with my friends while my sweet child hoarded every baby doll she could find. Thanks for having us Alecia, Marissa, and Gregory!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Small Request :)

Hi Friends! Our fav family photographer is having a little contest on Facebook and we would love your help. It will take less than 10 seconds, I promise. Just two small steps;

1. Please click on the the following link and "like" Tip Toe Photography on Facebook.

2. Click "photos" and look at the "Canvas Contest." Elise's picture is #10; she's in the red dress. Please "like" it.

Feel free to "like" others... there are some cuties for sure! The top three photos with the most votes will be entered in a little drawing for a nice prize.

Thanks so much!!! We certainly appreciate every vote :)

Friday, February 4, 2011


One of my New Year's Resolutions was to take more videos of Elise. I do take videos of her, but I am usually way too critical and if they're not perfect I delete them. And really... who manages to capture a perfect video of a toddler? Because I would like to learn your skillz. ;) So I'm trying to get some more videos that we can enjoy through the years. Here's two that I took earlier this month....

Elise Singing the ABCs and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Elise and her Family

SNOWmageddon 2011

SnOMG!! Even San Antonio was not immune to the great North American Blizzard of 2011. We have been dealing with some frigid temps this week. It's hard to believe just last Sunday it was 80* and our windows were open! It has not been above freezing the past 3 days and these Texans are ready for Spring! Here are some pics from our Snowpocalypse. (pssst- we got nearly 1/4 inch!!!)

And what do Texans do when we get 1/4 inch of snow? Why, we bust out the laundry baskets, go to the biggest hill in the 'hood, and go sledding!!!!!! Doesn't everyone do this?

Fun morning with neighbors!!! But I'm not going to lie; I think we're all ready to see 70* again!