Thursday, November 27, 2008

She's here!!!!

Elise Kathleen was born November 26 at 1:45 pm. She weighed 6 lbs. and 12 oz and is 19 3/4" long. We are all doing great! Matt took me out to eat Thai food the evening of my due date (11/25)- and it worked!! "True" and consistent contractions started around 8:30 pm and we went to the hospital around midnight. She was born the next afternoon. She is feeding like a champ and is absolutely precious! We will go home tomorrow, Friday November 28.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Due date! And we wait...

According to every online calculator I could find, my due date was yesterday. According to my doctor, my due date is today. Either way, Elise is late!! I'm feeling fantastic, which I would normally never, ever complain about. However, because I am feeling so great, I don't think she's going to make an appearance any time soon. Matt's taking me out for some ultra spicy Thai food this evening; maybe that will help coax her out.
Since it looks like she's not going to be here in time for Thanksgiving, I went ahead and got our house totally decorated for Christmas this weekend. I guess I'm not "Respecting the Turkey" this year, lol! At least it's one more thing I don't have to do next month!
I know I've said this a dozen times, but this time I mean it! I REALLY don't think my skin can stretch any more. It just can't be possible!
I've got a doctor's appointment tomorrow at 10:45. Hopefully we'll have some progress!

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Nursery!

A huge thanks to my dad's sisters, Aunt Liz, Kathy, and Mary, and to my cousins, Christy, Katy, Jen, Erin, and Ellie! The chair is precious and looks so perfect in her room!
And since I'm posting pictures of this amazing little chair that I'm sure Elise will adore, I figure I might as well post some pictures of the rest of her nursery. I first have to say that *gasp* it's NOT finished! There are just a few last minute things that we're unable to get done. We've got a painting coming that will go on the left side of the window seat and I'm waiting to get that and then I have some funky mirrors to go on the right side. Mary, Matt's mom, is making a cover for the window seat and some pillows for it as well. She's going to do that when they come down shortly after Elise is born. And then it will be complete and I'll be sure to post some updated pics! Anyway, we love the way it turned out and I think Elise will too! Everyone in the family had a part in transforming this room. Matt scraped the popcorn ceilings, painted, and put up the crown molding. My mom and I painted the stripes, and Mary made the window valance and the dust ruffle.
And a close-up pic of the adorable lamp my mom made!
Lucky Elise has a bathroom right off her bedroom.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

39.5 Week Update

Well, I'm happy to report that Elise did not make an early arrival; in fact, she seems quite content to stay put. Matt is officially on leave/vacation (whatever you want to call it) so we are certainly ready for her to come any time!!!! The doctor doesn't seem to think she's in any hurry. My due date is this Tuesday. If she doesn't come on her own, we are scheduled for an induction beginning 5 pm on Sunday, Nov. 30th, which would probably give her a birthday of December 1st!! It's not my first choice; I would rather avoid an induction, so if anyone has any tricks, let me know! Either way, we are excited to meet our baby girl!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hang on until Wednesday, Elise!

Matt just left for his final trip before he starts his "leave" and will get home Wednesday evening. Even though the doctor says he has no reason to think Elise will come before her scheduled due date of November 25th, she definitely needs to stay put until at least Wednesday evening, when her daddy comes home!
My dad's birthday is Thursday, November 20th and we all think it would be pretty cool if she came then. (even if we did miss out on a fabulous birthday dinner!) However, something tells me this little girl is going to be fashionably late! Time will tell!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

T minus 2 Weeks!

Or more :) I'm officially less than two weeks from my due date. However, at my 38 week doctors appointment today, the doctor said that if he were a betting man, he would bet that I will still be pregnant on Thanksgiving. So we shall see! I'm still feeling pretty great, considering we are so close to Elise's arrival. Matt and I are both very excited and anxious to meet her. Matt was able to schedule a nice chunk of time off, though with his job, he can't really be flexible. His leave begins November 19th and he will not have to go back to work until at least December 8th. So you can see that we would certainly prefer that Miss E be somewhat on time and not too late, as Matt would like to be around here as long as possible after she's born.


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Oh my gosh- it's NOVEMBER!!!

"My due date is *this* month!!" was the first thing that ran through my mind when I woke up this morning. This pregnancy has really flown by. I'm about 36 1/2 weeks and considered full term by my doctor... so little Elise could make her arrival any time. I am now going to the doctor on a weekly basis; every Wednesday.  I had my 36 week appt. last Wednesday and everything is looking great. I'm still feeling good and have lots of energy; but I also feel big. I'm just not moving as quickly as I have in the past. I walk Jaws every morning and one of our routes usually takes 35-40 minutes. It took me 55 minutes yesterday and I couldn't have walked faster if you had paid me. Of course, my due date is November 25. If she's at all late, she could easily be a December baby. We shall see!