Monday, September 27, 2010

First Haircut!

I feel like it took forever for Elise's hair to start growing, and of course, the last thing I wanted to do was cut it off. However, it was very uneven, so I took her in for her first haircut; just a little trim. She got to sit in a super cool fire truck and she kept saying, "nee-naw, nee-naw." She was pretty still, and thankfully, the hair dresser was quick.



Even though it's shorter, it looks much healthier. I'd say the first haircut was a success!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

September Happenings

I blink and September is almost over. What happened to this month??? It blew by for me! We have settled in nicely to our fall/school routine. MOPS has started up again, and I am so thankful for this wonderful organization and the friends I have made. We had our first outing last week- Chuck-e-cheese! That was a first for Elise and me. I can definitely see that Chuck-e-cheese has its place in this world. Elise had a wonderful time running around and playing with her friends.
Elise and Marissa
Elise and Audrey, doing their favorite thing; climbing UP the slide!

Elise is so hit or miss with eating. Some weeks she eats everything in sight. Others, I'm lucky if I can get her to eat a cracker and a piece of cheese. And the things she likes are all over the place as well. She won't touch a sweet mango, but would eat an entire can of black olives if I let her. Tomato sauce makes her gag, but she'll eat anything if dipped in hummus (or hummey as she calls it.)

Finally, Saturday we had a Mom's Day OUT! Ashley, Maggie, Erin, and I all went to see Jersey Boys. It was SO great and was such a fun afternoon :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sunday Funday

Sunday I was vacuuming the downstairs and realized Elise was nowhere to be seen. Odd because she is usually no less that 5 feet from me, especially when I vacuum. She loves it! So I went hunting. What did I find? The most precious little girl reading to her babies. She was pointing to the ducks and saying, "Duck. Quack-quack." Melt my heart.

The rain continues. And there is only one person that would take Elise out in a summer rainstorm...
and let her walk on the filthy, nasty street...
And I don't know who loved it the most- Elise, Jaws, or Tompa.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Our little 'Lise is absolutely fearless. She loves loud noises, loves to be scared; you'll get the biggest squeal of delight if you come around the corner and yell "BOO"! She thinks thunder is super cool... and she'll lock herself in a dark closet without fear. Hmmm... wonder where she gets it from???
So last weekend I had an urge to clean the fans. Of course, when that random moment strikes, you gotta run with it! I had Matt bring in the ladder and I went to a different room to get what I needed. In no time at all, Elise had scampered to the top of the 8 ft ladder, by herself! In fact, we couldn't keep her off. Add heights to the list of things Elise doesn't fear.

Now for a random pic that is just too cute not to include.
I can't get Elise to hold my hand to save my life. It's actually a struggle because she wants to walk by herself where ever we go, but in places like, say, a PARKING LOT she doesn't get that she needs to hold my hand. Enter Ms. Melanie! Three moms took 5 children (you can't see infant Gregory) to Red Robin and Melanie got them all to hold hands! Such sweet little girls. And now- Elise is not so opposed to holding my hand when needed! Thanks Mel! You have no idea how much easier you made my life! ;)