Thursday, March 26, 2009

Elise- 4 Months

Dear Elise,
Today you are 4 months old!!!!!!! Unbelievable. You are still the cutest thing your daddy or I have ever laid eyes on. We are having so much fun watching you grow and change and getting to know your little personality. You are a very happy and easy going baby. Most of all though, you are very alert. You love to watch the world around you. You are a people watcher. You like your toys, but you love watching people. Sometimes you have a very serious expression on your face, other times a smile. You love to lay on your back with your fingers in your mouth and squeal, shout, and babble. You have gotten great at blowing raspberries; it seems like you have a lot of fun doing that. You make the silliest sounds. You have gotten great at grasping your toys. You have also mastered rolling from tummy to back and I suspect rolling from back to tummy isn't far behind. You still love to sit in your bouncer and bumbo seat. And Daddy gets you to take great naps in your swing! You love playing with your rattle that Lindsey gave you. You smile all the time now, but not to just anyone. I often joke that your smiles have to be earned!!! Once you recognize someone, then you'll give them the biggest grin! Strangers don't often get to see you smile. You still love to listen to me sing. I like to lay you on your tummy on our bed while I fold laundry... I sing all sorts of songs but your favorites are either songs from Aladdin or The Little Mermaid. I slip Evita in there too.
A typical day (when I do not have to work) begins anywhere from 7:00-7:30. You wake up cooing with lots of smiles. You are never hungry first thing in the morning. You like to wait about an hour and then you'll nurse. Usually about an hour and a half to 2 hours after you wake up, you are ready for your morning nap. You take most of your naps in your crib. You are an excellent napper!!! You will sleep any where from 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours. After your morning nap, we play for a bit. We go to Baby Story Time at the library once a week. You love that!!!!! We also try and make it to Mommy & Me Yoga. You take your afternoon nap around 1:30-2:00 and usually sleep until 4ish. Once you're up and fed, we take Jaws on a nice long walk. You take a bath every other night, which is a lot of fun. I pour water right over you face and you just blink and grin back at me. You go to sleep anywhere between 6:30 and 7:00. You are pretty easy to put to bed... however, I'm not going to lie. You are not a great nighttime sleeper and you wake often. This is relatively new and I'm hoping to get back to our old habits of you sleeping longer stretches each night.
We took your to Dr. Pauli for your 4 month wellness visit. You now weigh 14 lbs and 10.5 oz and are 24 1/2 inches long. You are getting so big and strong! We can't wait to see what this month will bring!

Party in 'da crib!
You love to stand and are pretty good at balancing yourself.
All dressed up for Ava's birthday party.


Lindsey said...

So cute! Is she wearing a necklace? Ben and I had a great time at Story Time. I had to sing If You're Happy and You Know It all day yesterday. He loves it!

Leslie G said...

Elise is such a doll!
If it makes you feel any better, Cameron's night sleeping sucks too. He used to be SO easy to get down at night; I'd nurse him and he would be out cold. It now takes forever to get him to fall asleep, and then he wakes up 5 minutes after he falls asleep. Oh and then, he is still waking quite a few times during the night too, and not even needing to eat. I'm right there with ya.

jmgiw said...

Elise looks beautiful!!!

Melissa said...

Oh, she is so cute! I love her smile :)

Jeremy and Mindy said...

She's precious, I can't believe she stood all by herself!! Macy Grace does not have any interest in standing, she just bends her legs!! And don't feel bad, lil love's nightime sleeping needs some work! She's up about 2 times sometimes 3 times a night....ugh.