Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter and I hope you did as well. Matt had to work, so Elise and I went over to GiGi and Tompa's for brunch and an early dinner. Elise loved her little gifts from the Easter Bunny, but what she really loved was the Easter Egg hunt! We had to have several... she loved gathering all the eggs and putting them in her basket. It was so fun :)

MiMi made Elise's Easter dress!!

Elise and Jaws. This is right after Jaws tried to gently take Elise's Easter Rabbit for a little "stroll". That explains the guilty look.

Elise and Bailey
Tompa and Elise

Finally, what a difference one year makes! Look at those chubby (healthy!) cheeks!
Elise, Easter 2009
Easter 2010

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Lindsey said...

I cannot get over how cute she is! I love the pig tails. Ben's hair may be long enough for a little pony tail soon. I also love all her cute dress! What a lucky girl!