Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Our little 'Lise is absolutely fearless. She loves loud noises, loves to be scared; you'll get the biggest squeal of delight if you come around the corner and yell "BOO"! She thinks thunder is super cool... and she'll lock herself in a dark closet without fear. Hmmm... wonder where she gets it from???
So last weekend I had an urge to clean the fans. Of course, when that random moment strikes, you gotta run with it! I had Matt bring in the ladder and I went to a different room to get what I needed. In no time at all, Elise had scampered to the top of the 8 ft ladder, by herself! In fact, we couldn't keep her off. Add heights to the list of things Elise doesn't fear.

Now for a random pic that is just too cute not to include.
I can't get Elise to hold my hand to save my life. It's actually a struggle because she wants to walk by herself where ever we go, but in places like, say, a PARKING LOT she doesn't get that she needs to hold my hand. Enter Ms. Melanie! Three moms took 5 children (you can't see infant Gregory) to Red Robin and Melanie got them all to hold hands! Such sweet little girls. And now- Elise is not so opposed to holding my hand when needed! Thanks Mel! You have no idea how much easier you made my life! ;)

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