Thursday, October 21, 2010

Elise-23 Months!

I haven't done a full update on Elise in a while... her little personality has just exploded and I wanted to "jot" some things down before I forget. I'll do a "proper" 2 Year post (whaaa???? How on earth can my baby be almost 2????) in a month, but for now, let me tell you what 'Lisee (as she calls herself) is up to:
  • Talking, talking, talking. Oh my gawd, this child is never quiet!! She's like a little parrot, repeating the last words I say. Her vocabulary is enormous and she's speaking in 2 and 3 word "sentences." She speaks very clearly, and has very specific thoughts and ideas. And don't you dare try and cross her, especially if it concerns her baby.
  • Baby (her doll.) It is all about Baby in this house. Is Baby okay? She's usually sleeping... Elise likes her babies to sleep... a lot. ;) She lays out a blanket perfectly and then puts Baby on top. Then she puts another blanket on top of Baby, lined up perfectly with the first blanket. Kind of like a Baby Sandwich. If you mess up the blanket, even move it one inch she will flip out and WW III will begin. (Not that I know this. Not that I would ever mess up Baby's blanket just to see Elise's reaction. And if I did do that, I would never ever giggle-snort while watching Elise melt down. Not this mom!)
  • Elise can count to ten. She thinks the number after 10 is "yea!" She can also sing her ABC's and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. She's got the gist of Old MacDonald and likes to fill in the animals and the sounds. She knows every animal and sound that *I* can think of. We are now working on colors and shapes.
  • Miss Independent! She likes to walk everywhere we go... including our daily walks around the neighborhood. That doesn't really fly with me. I let her walk to the park, then I put her in the stroller. She tries to go all Garfield on me, but I usually win.
  • Loves to give hugs and kisses and has to give Jaws a hug and kiss every night and if she's forgotten, she will insist on going back downstairs before she'll go to sleep. If she gets a "boo-boo" she wants me to kiss it. And then I have to kiss every spot where she's ever gotten a boo-boo. Ever.
  • "Pick-up!" Holy cow- this is awesome. Elise is obsessed with picking-up and totally picks up all her toys every night before we go to bed. She also picks up and puts away her bath-toys. Love this! I wonder if it's too early to teach her to put away Mommy's shoes.....? wdyt? ;)
  • When Elise gets angry, she pulls her bows out of her hair and then pulls the rubber-bands out and throws them on the ground. And then stares/glares at me. It's her way of getting even, I guess.
Elise is personality+ and we're having a blast with her! Watching her grow has been so fun and I can't wait to see and hear what she comes up with next!

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