Friday, November 26, 2010

Elise is TWO!

Two Year Stats:
  • Height- 32.8 inches, 29%
  • Weight- 24 lb 8 oz, 22%
  • Head Circumference- 48.3 cm, 70%
  • Teeth- all are in except for 2 year molars. Yipee!
WOW! How is it possible that our sweet Elise is two years old??? No longer a baby and officially a toddler/little girl. Elise is at such a fun age. I really think if I could freeze time and keep her where she is right now, I would. She's just such a sweetie with a darling and outgoing personality.
  • Elise continues to be a good little sleeper. She's usually in bed no later than 7:30 and sleeps 12-13 hours every night. Nap time is around 1:00 and lasts about 2 hours. Occasionally, Elise will just chat and play in her crib for the entire two hours without sleeping, but it sounds like she's having fun so I just let her do her thing.
  • Eating- Elise is still fairly picky. She eats a lot of fresh fruits but rarely any veggies unless I sneak them in. She is starting to eat more meat, still loves eggs, carbs, and dairy products. An odd favorite is black olives. I'll give her a few and as soon as she gobbles them down, I'll hear, "More olives!"
  • Talking- Elise is such a chatterbox. She has a huge vocabulary and is speaking in 4-5 word sentences. She speaks very clearly and is pretty easy to understand. The one word she refuses to say correctly, however, is milk. She pronounces it "nolk." We've tried to work on it and she just smiles and says "nolk." She's a very polite girl and will says "please" and "thank you" unprompted. She knows lots of songs and loves to sing. She has also begun memorizing some of her favorite books and can complete the sentences/pages for me.
  • The obsession with "Baby" continues and will keep her occupied for hours. Baby doll, baby stroller, baby bed... she loves it all. She also loves books and puzzles and is really good at entertaining herself.
  • Just like any two year old... Elise is non-stop. Busy busy busy... she rarely sits still unless we are reading a book or eating.
Elise is a pure joy. I love the little girl she has turned into and look forward to what this next year will bring!

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