Saturday, April 23, 2011

Egg Hunt Fun

Our second Egg Hunt of the week was hosted by my MOPS group. Everything this group does is amazing and the Egg Hunt was no exception. I am always in awe of these busy moms who take the time to help put on these events. A special shout-out to my friend Meghan who made 96 sack lunches for the kids, and even decorated the bags!!!!!! The party was a blast!

Picnic lunch
Egg Hunt!
With friends Jacob and Brooke.
Licking icing off of Brooke's fingers. Cute and gross at the same time ;)

Next Up- Egg Hunt at Concordia!!!

GiGi and Tompa joined the fun!

Marissa and Elise "inspecting" the eggs...
Enjoying Freddy's Custard.

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