Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend with "Old" Friends!

We we first moved to San Antonio almost 4 years ago (yes... it has really been just about 4 years!) we met three awesome couples; Lindsey and Nate, Shae and Tomas, and Christine and Rob. All the husbands and wives got along so well together; we had a lot of fun! Within that first year, 3 of us became pregnant and we talked about how our kids would be such great friends.
First pic of all the kids together- Ben's arrival!
(Christine is holding Ben; we let Lindsey sit this one out ;)
And... the last time all the kids were together... because all 3 couples moved away!!! wth?!?! ;) I guess it's called being a responsible adult... gotta go where the job takes you :)

BUT they all came back to visit us. Well, Christine and Rob didn't make it this time but they were here about a year ago...

Ben, Elise, and Beckham at Sea World
Elise loves the carousel and always insists on a purple horse!
Fun with Daddy!
Sometimes it's not so bad being pregnant...
Matt gets to take Elise on all the "scary" rides; she loves them!!
At 2 Bros. BBQ
It was such a great weekend and we look forward to seeing them again... maybe in Oregon next time!

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Lindsey said...

Yay! I didn't see this! You definitely need to come to Oregon! Ben misses Elise and Beckham so much!