Wednesday, November 12, 2008

T minus 2 Weeks!

Or more :) I'm officially less than two weeks from my due date. However, at my 38 week doctors appointment today, the doctor said that if he were a betting man, he would bet that I will still be pregnant on Thanksgiving. So we shall see! I'm still feeling pretty great, considering we are so close to Elise's arrival. Matt and I are both very excited and anxious to meet her. Matt was able to schedule a nice chunk of time off, though with his job, he can't really be flexible. His leave begins November 19th and he will not have to go back to work until at least December 8th. So you can see that we would certainly prefer that Miss E be somewhat on time and not too late, as Matt would like to be around here as long as possible after she's born.


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LindseyW said...

Yay for your blog! You can keep me entertained while I'm on BR. You look so cute! I can't wait to meet Elise!