Monday, January 26, 2009

Elise- 2 Months!

Dear Elise,
Today you are 2 months old! The time has flown by so quickly. You are seriously the most adorable baby ever; everyone says so! You are becoming so alert. You love to stare at blinking lights. You still adore your bouncer and love to sit in it in the mornings and coo, squeal, and kick your little legs. You finally have decided your swing is pretty cool too. You take some nice afternoon naps in it. You continue to wake up so happy, in fact, you have yet to wake up crying. You start to stir a good 20 minutes before you open your eyes. You also try to bust out of your swaddle but you haven't been able to yet. By 7:30 am you are awake and smiling. You have learned to recognize my voice and you will follow me with your eyes when I'm walking around the room. We go on lots of outings and you do pretty well. You still love car rides and walks around the neighborhood with Jaws. We've taken you out to dinner with friends, thinking you'll just sleep through our meal. Oh no, not you! :) You like to be held so you can look around and check everything out. You don't fuss though, so it's okay. You have a very serious look on your face most evenings, like you're trying to figure us out. Good luck! We haven't even figured ourselves out yet!
When we're home, you tend to get a little fussier in the evenings. You like to be held and bounced around. You sure can wail if we try and sit down to relax with you! You love to be rocked to sleep, held tightly. Once you fall asleep you're out and nothing can wake you.
You love tummy time and always have. Daddy and I are amazed at how strong you are. You also love your evening bath. You love the warm water being poured over your body. However, you favorite part of bath time is naked time at the end!!!!! You love to lay on your changing pad and check yourself out in the mirror.
We think you weigh around 12 pounds but we'll find out for sure at your 2 month doctors appointment towards the end of this week. You don't miss a single meal, that's for sure! You have beautiful skin and chubby cheeks. Like I said, you're adorable! Your daddy and I are having a wonderful time getting to know you and we are excited to see what month 3 will bring!

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Amanda said...

You are right...she is absolutely adorable! I can't believe she's already 2 months old. Would love to get together soon...Riley is really into babies right now so she would also love to see Miss Elise!