Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Elise 11 month pics- the Rejects

I'm sure you noticed I had to edit an 11 month sign into Elise's picture. That is because her obsession with the blasted monthly sign continues. I even opened and gave her an early birthday present hoping it would elicit the perfect smile and distract her from the paper sign. No such luck.

"Sweeet! The sign is back!"
After 32 failed attempts at getting a picture, I decided to get crafty and tack the sign to the wall. Surely she won't notice it...
"Got it!"
"Mmm... snack!"
Yes, friends, my dear daughter ate her 11 month sign. I gave up.
"See Mom, I'm sweet! I don't eat paper!"
Then it dawned on dear Elise that this would be her last monthly picture. She's growing up and not going to be a baby for much longer!

"Do I have a saggy neck? Crows feet??? Where did these extra 5 pounds come from??"

And yes, I did get a smile. No, she did not look at the camera. I have decided for child #2 that I will take monthly pictures of them sleeping. Won't that be cute? And much easier!!

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