Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Elise- 11 months!!

Dear Elise,
Today you are 11 months old. I cannot believe how fast your first year is going by. You are an absolute delight!! You are chatty, busy, inquisitive, happy... everything that an 11 month old should be!
Some tidbits about you this month:
  • You are outgrowing your 9 months clothes and are slowing fitting into some of your 12 month outfits.
  • You have become a little bit clingier. You aren't as happy playing by yourself and you follow me room to room.
  • You are into everything!!! Opening drawers and cabinets and pulling everything out is a fun way to spend your time!
  • You are still an excellent sleeper and take 2 nice naps each day.
  • You love Mother's Day Out. You hardly notice when I leave and every day you get a great report. You are learning how to play with others and have made some wonderful friends.
  • You are not walking yet, but you have taken a few steps here and there. You stand independently and I don't think it will be long before you are walking. (I said that last month, so we shall see :)
  • You like to have noise contests with us in the car. For example, you and I will see who can squeal to the highest pitch. You always win. And I bet the world is thankful they can't hear us.
  • You are a decent eater. Sometimes you eat everything in sight, other times you toss it all on the floor. You like to feed yourself and will really only let me feed you your favorites (yogurt, cottage cheese, applesauce.) Otherwise, you are on all "finger foods." Meal times are still super messy and STILL the only one who is happy about that is Jaws. Dairy products and carbs are your favorites, followed by fruits, veggies, and meat.
  • You are babbling up a storm... Da-Da is still your word of choice. You can also say Mama and Uh-oh- especially when you throw food on the floor. When you see Jaws first thing in the morning, you have a nice little conversation with him. I'm sure you're just telling him about your dream from last night.
  • You still have 7 teeth, but I think that 8th (on the bottom) is going to pop through any day.
  • You blow raspberries
  • You still LOVE to be outside, whether you're crawling in the grass or watching Daddy mow, or anything in between.
  • You are finally interested in books!!!! I've been reading to you regularly but you haven't paid much attention. It has finally clicked and you get a big smile on your face when I pull one out to read.
  • You love to pull your socks off, put them in your mouth, and crawl around. You do this at MDO too. I've seen puppies do this as well.
Daddy and I love and adore you to bits. We can't believe our baby will be turning 1 next month!!!


Mike and Emily Campbell said...

I love these updates. I sure hope I remember to keep up something like this monthly once Baby Ryan arrives. Congrats on almost reaching the 1 yr mark. Hard to believe how time flies...

fah said...

I love that you just plain gave up on the sign and photoshopped one in instead! LOL

Karen said...

She looks so much like you Lauren, it's amazing! So cute.