Sunday, January 24, 2010


It's been a nice, calm January so far. Elise has become an excellent little walker and it is officially her main mode of transportation. The past week has been beautiful and we have been spending our time outside playing. It's so fun, especially now that she's walking full time. Here are a few pics from this month.

Mimi and PaPa came for a visit.

This was a first!!!! Elise is a great sleeper... but she really only sleeps in her crib. She rarely falls asleep in her stroller or car seat. However, we were at my parents' house for the afternoon and she explored their entire backyard. She probably walked around for 2 hours straight. So by the time it was dinner time, she was exhausted.
Books have really become a favorite this past month and she wants to be read to all the time. I love it!

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