Sunday, January 31, 2010

3 years ago today...

I headed to the Parker Country Animal Shelter 3 hours before they opened, waited in the ice and rain and adopted Jaws! He was such a cute cute puppy... he was just about 3 months old at the time. I know I've posted some pictures before of him at the shelter. Here are some pictures of his first week at home with us.

He didn't feel so well his first night home. He didn't get sick, but he was pretty mopey and lethargic. He had been neutered the day before and separated from his sister. :(

Typical Jaws look that he still gives us. It's like he thinks to himself, "If I cock my head a little bit more, maybe I'll understand what they're saying."
Cute dog laying on our awesome grass. People would ring our doorbell and ask how our grass was so green. They called our house the "Easter Grass" house. True story. (fertilizer blended at Acme Soap if you must know!!)
He wasn't always calm... this is right before he mauled Matt. Good boy Jaws!
See what I mean... cute puppy!!! With such a serious face. He always has a serious face and sad eyes. Which is so strange because he is the happiest dog around.
Jaws is truly a remarkable dog. He is so good and well-behaved. His goal in life is just to please us... and go on daily walks. We adore him to pieces!! Happy Gotcha Day Jaws!

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