Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Greatest Dog

Everyone knows I believe Jaws is the greatest, most well behaved four legged furry beast out there. Am I biased? Yes... yes I am. But I did get a little photographic evidence to prove it. Elise spilled her snack cup all around Jaws. I happened to walk by the family room and saw him surrounded by goldfish. But he didn't eat a single one... he wouldn't dare without permission. What a good boy!
Elise giving Jaws some love. She loves loves loves her dog! However, "Jaws" is a word she will not say. She will "bark" like a dog and that's how she says Jaws. In fact, that's one of the first things she "says" every morning. She barks and points down the stairs until she sees her doggie... but will not/can not say "Jaws." Hmmmm.... not sure what to do with that. ;)
More love...
And more!
Just chillin'. Elise thinks Jaws makes a pretty good recliner.

She also thinks he makes a pretty good horse.
Note the hand in the mouth. She was smiling so nicely... I grabbed my camera, a devious look flashed in her eyes and her hand flew to her mouth. And stayed there until I put the camera down.

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Mike and Emily Campbell said...

Ryan has started to do the smile then hand to the mouth thing too!! It's like "haha, Mom! mmm Yummy hands" That is too funny! You do have a great dog!