Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

We had a really nice day today. Matt has worked his butt off this past week, so in my quest to win "WOTY" (that would be Wife of the Year!") I encouraged him to golf. Yes, I'm amazing... I know ;)
We had a nice breakfast at my parents house and then, after Matt, my dad, and Brett golfed, my mom and I met them at Tre. As always, it was yummy. Here are a few pics I snapped:
So Elise hates the camera. She sees it and does one of three things. She either 1) runs away. 2) sticks her tongue out as evidenced in these photos.

Or 3) sticks her fingers in her mouth, which is really odd as she doesn't do this any other time. See the exhibits below.

Mom and Dad- love them so!
Mom and Brett- he's not half bad either ;)
I hope everyones Mother's Day was just as nice :)

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Mike and Emily Campbell said...

Looks like a lovely celebration! I can't believe how Elise has grown. So cute! I think she's concentrating on the camera with her fingers in her mouth ;) Hmmm... what is that thing?