Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ranch Weekend

Friends Ashley, Alcide, and Cito invited our "group" to their ranch for a weekend of relaxing and playing. We had a blast! I have had a hard time convincing Matt that just because he spent one weekend on a ranch, he is not automatically a rancher. Likewise, just because his truck is covered in mud, he is not a rancher. Even though he wears Carhartts on a regular basis, (too regular if you ask me!!!) he is not a rancher. And on and on :)

The Mamas :)
Me, Alecia, Erin, Maggie, and Ashley
The Dads. At the bar. No surprise there :)
Robert, Mike, Alcide, Matt, and Mike
The Kids!
Keira, Elise, Marissa, Gregory, Olivia, Audrey, and Cito
The "bigs" eating lunch
4 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed
Matt with his first Texas buck.
Elise was oddly fascinated with this bear.
And she loved all the horns! She just kept pointing, saying "Oh! Oh!" Maybe I have a little hunter on my hands???
Back of the ranch. It rained the entire weekend... so rare for South Texas!
We had a wonderful weekend full of laughs, amazing food, great company, and a stellar game of Battle of the Sexes. Thanks so much for having us!!


Amy's Avenue Blog! said...

Your comments about your husband are cracking me up. Exactly my husband! We lived in corpus christi for a while and my husband did some hunting in texas as well. He got a boar once, but congrats on the deer. Will you eat the meat? I am not a fan of venison, so my husbands 3 big kills this year do not excite me quite as much as they excite him!

Elise is getting so big! Congrats on a great weekend!

The Sweatman Family said...

So fun!! Looks like a really nice ranch!!