Friday, February 4, 2011

SNOWmageddon 2011

SnOMG!! Even San Antonio was not immune to the great North American Blizzard of 2011. We have been dealing with some frigid temps this week. It's hard to believe just last Sunday it was 80* and our windows were open! It has not been above freezing the past 3 days and these Texans are ready for Spring! Here are some pics from our Snowpocalypse. (pssst- we got nearly 1/4 inch!!!)

And what do Texans do when we get 1/4 inch of snow? Why, we bust out the laundry baskets, go to the biggest hill in the 'hood, and go sledding!!!!!! Doesn't everyone do this?

Fun morning with neighbors!!! But I'm not going to lie; I think we're all ready to see 70* again!

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