Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Buddy and Me!

Remember that toy, "My Buddy" that had that really annoying jingle? There was also "Kid Sister"? Elise and Baby totally remind me of that jingle. By the way, Baby's name is Baby. She has no other name. And I think she might be blind. Or something... because Elise insists on Baby's eyes being covered at all times by the rim of her hat. She freaks out if Baby's eyes are visible.

Where ever she goes, Baby follows, and manages to do the exact same thing as Elise. It's cute... and a little obsessive bordering on OCD. We may have to have an intervention soon.


The Sweatman Family said...

You crack me up with your posts!!! I do remember Kid Sister ;) We have a baby that follows Reese around too and she stays naked. That's hilarious about Baby being blind :)

Lanny and Carolyn said...

Lauren, love the "my Buddy" reference, and now that song is totally stuck in my head! We also have a baby named Baby (we're quite creative here.....) at our house. Elise is adorable by the way!