Sunday, July 26, 2009

8 Month Pictures- The Rejects

I think this is the last month I'll attempt to do Elise's monthly pictures by myself. I'm calling for backup for next month!

"Uh, Mom, you forgot the dumb sign that says how old I am!"
"There ya go! But now I don't feel like looking at the camera!"
"What's on this thing anyway?"
"Sign Overboard!!!"
"No worries, I'll get it!"
And we'll just forget the pics on Grandma's quilt- she won't lay on her back for anything!

"Hey, look! The sign is back. Wonder how I can mess this up?"
"Sign messed up? Check! Mission accomplished!"


Karen said...

I can not believe she is 8 months already, I feel like you were just posting nursery pics on the D&R board yesterday. She is adorable Lauren!!!!


Mike and Emily Campbell said...

Haha!! This is too funny. It's very real life though, so you've gotta love it!!!