Friday, July 3, 2009

Landscaping- In Progress

And actually, I don't even think I can call this "landscaping" because that's not the direction we took. This is more of a "Patio Redo" or "Outdoor Living Space Creation." I don't know... and I guess it doesn't matter what we call it, I'm just happy to report progress!!!!!!!! We decided to "do it once and do it right." Therefore, we went ahead with the outdoor fireplace and retaining wall. I found a great guy on Craigslist. He is very skilled and I just really like him and his ideas. The only problem is he works for a school district full time and only works on this Friday and Saturday. So it's been a sloooooooow process to say the least. Here are some pics so you know what I look at every morning.

The actual fireplace.
Steps that will be in the middle of the retaining wall.
The back view.
Needless to say, our backyard is a disaster right now! However, it's coming together and will be really neat once it's completed. So as of now, the divorce proceedings have been put on hold, pending completion of course!!!! ;)

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dawnzer said...

I may need to get that guy's info from you at some point. I thought about building my own fire pit in the back yard, but I am thinking that maybe we should redo the whole patio. They just did it with those plain red pavers and i would much rather have stone!