Saturday, February 20, 2010

A few new pictures....

So sorry for the lack of updates! This has been a very busy month for us!

The weather has been really nice lately and we've been spending a lot of time outside.
Elise is finally big enough to enjoy our neighborhood park that is just 5 houses away.
Whew- Elise has finally turned a corner at mealtime! I was struggling about a month ago to get her to eat entire healthy meals. She wanted none of it... unless it was a cheerio or cheese :) Then the poor thing caught her first stomach bug and really lost her appetite for a full week.
But when she recovered, she recovered with a full appetite and has been eating everything I put in front of her since. Favorites are green beans, peas, spinach balls, raspberries, grilled cheese, veggie burgers from Costco, and yogurt. She has become such a good little eater and I am thrilled!!

I have been reading to Elise since day one.. being a former reading teacher and all, books and reading are super important to me. And when I say I have been reading to Elise since she was itty bitty, that means I have been reading picture books to myself while Elise wanders around the room, not paying attention one bit. However, when she turned 1 it clicked! "Books are cool!" And she hasn't turned back since. Books are a favorite and she will bring no less than 134 books to me to read. "Boo..." she will say. Then she hands it to me and strains until I put her in my lap. We finish one and she's off to find another.

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