Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pool time!

Yesterday we took Elise to the pool for the first time. I wouldn't say she loved it but she certainly didn't hate it either! In fact, not a peep came from her- even after I dunked her under water!!! It was such a nice day and it was before swim team practice, so we basically had the pool to ourselves. I have no doubt we will spend many, many hours there all summer long.

Here she is! Sunscreen on and ready to go!

With Daddy.

Love her floatie!

Video of the dunk!


Mike and Emily Campbell said...

So cute! Looks like she loved her first pool experience.

dawnzer said...

How cute!!!!!!!! Little pool babies are so adorable!

Kay Greenlee said...

She is just precious. I can't wait to get Aiden in the pool!!

Amanda said...

Looks like she had a good time - love the shades!