Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Landscaping- the beginning

Our backyard is big and empty; a few trees scattered around the edges and a whole lot of nada in the middle (besides some super green grass!) We think the previous owners were going to put in a pool so they had all the oaks removed. Then they decided against a pool. So we're stuck with a big empty lot. And since we spend most of our time in our backyard, we've decided it needs some work. We had a landscape designer come out and draw up some plans. She was awesome; she spent a lot of time talking with us and figuring out our needs and wants. She came back with some awesome plans- plans that we will do in stages. Our backyard is going to be pretty amazing when we're finished (think outdoor fireplace, deck up at the top of the hill, retaining wall to level out a playing area for the kids... the works.) It's just going to take a few years to get it all done. That said, we (and when I say WE I really mean MATT) have started Stage 1.

These are all IN PROCESS pics!

I swear, I married the hardest worker!

Hot pink crape myrtles are a must in San Antonio!
This area is right outside our kitchen. It will have one large retaining wall and some river rock to help with drainage. We'll fill it in with all sorts of plants. No grass here because it's so shaded.


Lindsey said...

How exciting! Your yard is huge! It will look so great when it's all finished. If Matt needs any help Nate is pretty available!

Jeremy and Mindy said...

That is fun! I love cozy backyards =)

dawnzer said...

That sounds so cool! Mark and I were pretty lucky that our yard was pretty well landscaped before we moved in. We do have a few projects to be done over a few years as well though - right now our wrought iron fence is being installed! Next is huge stone fire pit with seating. =)