Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Landscaping- will our marriage survive?

Just kiddin' !! (sort of.) As I mentioned previously, we had a landscape designer draw up some amazing plans that we were going to finish over several years. Well, I went to work last Thursday and this is what I left.

Kind of boring but fine for now. The FIVE YEAR plan is to extend the patio and put in a retaining wall and outdoor fireplace.

I can home from work and found this.

I then called a divorce attorney. (I kid... I kid...) Matt had some fun. He rented a nice big toy and went to town. I guess he decided five years was too long and he wanted the wall and fireplace now! I mean, heck, we need that fireplace to keep us warm on those crisp June nights.

By dinner time, he made it all better.


SO... looks like our five year plan has been accelerated a bit. Stay tuned for more.

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Jeremy and Mindy said...

gosh, men and their ideas...