Monday, October 12, 2009

10 month pics- Rejects!!

Most difficult photo session to date. I was sweating by the time I got a sub-par shot. Sweating!!! And I am not a sweater!! I even had Matt's help. She's so wiggly, squirmy, and interested in everything. Everything, that is, except sitting still and taking a picture. And now, I present the "Rejected Photos."

Picture #1. Dangit this girl moves fast! And I wasn't trying for a profile picture either.

"What? Am I doing something wrong? Oh! You don't want my foot in the way. Gottcha."

"I spy with my little eye.... the sign!!"

"Ah ha! Got it!"

Off the chair. With the sign in hand of course.

"It's MINE!!! All MINE!!!"

And in about 1.3 seconds she across the room... with the treasured sign. Having so much fun!

She decided the sign's final resting place should be the laundry basket. Random.


Crys said...

Oh she's such a cutie!! Hey reject photos are part of the fun too, right? She's growing so fast!

The Seviers said...

I understand! I completely understand. My picture taking is less and less these days