Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Weekend in Cowtown!

Earlier this month, Matt and I made our first trip together back to Ft. Worth. It was wonderful! Elise stayed behind with GiGi and Tompa and Matt and I attempted to act like 23 year olds again. We stayed with our good friends and newlyweds Lori and Adam. It was awesome to see them. We were able to meet up with Brian and Mary Helen for a boat ride, hit up Joe T's, and I helped host a couples shower for Marisa and Rafa who are getting married this November. It was a fabulous and fun weekend!!! My only complaint is that it went by way too quickly!

The girls at Marisa's couples shower. (Moi, Bride-to-be Marisa, Jamie, and Lori)
23 year olds!!!!!!
Adam, Lori, and Matt
Good ol' Lake Weatherford!!
Yes.. yes I did.

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cjmc said...

Hi there! really nice pictures.