Saturday, October 31, 2009

First Fire!

It took a while, but it finally got cool enough (below 70*) for us to have our first fire in the outdoor fireplace. I'm not going to lie or be humble (and if you know me well, you know I'm not very good at being humble, haha!) The fireplace is awesome! We love it! It emits the perfect amount of heat (sans smoke) and makes our entire patio nice and cozy. I foresee us spending basically every evening this fall/winter/spring outside. So, whatcha waiting for??? Come on over and enjoy it with us!

Matt getting ready to light the first flame.
Man make fire!
Elise enjoying dinner, fireside of course :)


Lindsey said...

So jealous! I love the decor as well. Definitely a cozy outdoor room! We may fly over as soon as we get sick of all this cold weather!

Mike and Emily Campbell said...

Haha. I love Elise in front of the fire!! Cute! It really is a beautiful outdoor fireplace. Congrats on your first burst of cooler weather. :)