Saturday, October 24, 2009

We have turned into *those* parents.

Gone are the days of staying up late drinking a few... sleeping in... and watching Lifetime movies all Saturday long. Our mornings now consist of (me) trying to beat Elise up and enjoy the first half of my coffee before the little darling wakes. And instead of lounging on the couch or spending my Saturday shopping and/or running pointless errands, we go on bike rides. Yes friends, you read that correctly. Matt has a bike and we're shopping for one for me. In the meantime, we're borrowing our neighbor's bike and trailer (Thanks Hugo and Cheryl!!!) and we go on family bike rides. Elise loves it! And you want to know a little secret? So do I :) I wouldn't trade our new routines for anything!

And for the safety nuts, you can sleep easy. We even own and wear helmets!


Lindsey said...

I hope you don't really beat Elise up. That would be mean! He, he. She is so grown up and adorable! I can't believe how fast this year has flown by. Ben thinks she's foxy. He digs older women.

Lauren and Matt said...

Haha Linds... I was so confused and had to go back and reread my post. Noo... I don't *beat* her up... that wouldn't be very nice at all.