Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Look out, here comes Elise!

As you can see, Elise is getting quite mobile. I'm not really sure if we can call it crawling but she can get anywhere she wants to go! She "crawls" all over the family room. When she sets her eyes on something, nothing can stop her!

Video #1. Just today I introduced the sippy cup. She doesn't really "get it" and that's okay. However, she's very interested!!!!!


Video #2 Not really the best video but you get the picture. She was being so cute, doing downward dog, squealing and laughing... until I pulled out the camera. Then she stopped, go figure :)


So, what do you think? If this crawling? If not, (which I don't really think it is) I think she's pretty close! 

PS- I still haven't baby-proofed the house. I need to get on that!


Stephanie said...

Elise is so cute! She's doing the inchworm! :)

Ashley said...

Oh yea.... you got a crawler!!! She's super cute! Now if Luci would just do what Elise does we'd be in business.

Jeremy and Mindy said...

Ah, precious, it's like a little inchworm crawl and it is SO cute!! She is so strong!

Lauren and Matt said...

LOL!! It's totally the "inchworm" !!!!

fah said...

I don't know what you call it but I think it's hilarious to watch her do it. She's so cute Lauren!

Leslie G said...

Yep, that's crawling! Cam does the same thing (the army crawl!), and in just the past 2 days, he has been trying to get his arms and legs coordinated. It's time to babyproof, girl! Just the other day Cameron had his hands on an electrical socket.

Mike and Emily Campbell said...

She is so cute!! She is definitely so close to getting the crawling thing down. I'd say it's "crawl scoot" for now. lol Definitely thing babyproofing is in order