Monday, June 22, 2009

Elise's new "trick"

Oh Lordy, right when I think we've got naps and bedtime down, Elise throws a curveball right to my face!!! She has learned to pull up and pulls up on everything she possibly can. Problem is, at the young age of 6 1/2 months, she doesn't know how to get herself back down. Her most favorite thing to pull up on, it seems, is her crib, while inside of course. Matt lowered it last week and I thought it would buy us a few months. Not so, my friends, not so. We put Elise down drowsy, but still awake. Sometimes she pulls at the bumper or rolls around a bit, but she usually falls asleep pretty easily. Until now. Now, when I lay her down, nice and drowsy, her eyes fly open, she gets a big smile on her face, and she begins pulling up. It was cute the first 2 times for her morning nap last week. At 3am, Saturday night it wasn't quite as cute. She can get herself up but then gets stuck and can't get herself back down. It can imagine that would be a bit scary to a 6 1/2 month old (I keep telling myself.)
Thankfully, Matt gets home tonight and can move the crib down to it's last level. Certainly by the time she can reach, she'll know how to get herself down, right? Right???

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Jeremy and Mindy said...

wow, that is amazing, I can't believe she's pulling up already!!