Thursday, June 4, 2009

Holy Moly Guacamole!! Elise's first taste of solid food.

We waited until the day before Elise turned 6 months to let her have solid food. And we skipped right over crappy cereal (no fillers for my baby!!!!) and went straight to avocado. Did ya know that avocado is considered the perfect baby food? It has the right amount of fat, high in vitamins, and good texture. Plus, there aren't many avocado allergies out there. Okay, enough of my rambling... here's what you want to see- video of the first bite! It wasn't really planned.... we were just chillin' on the patio and decided to give her a slice. Hence why she is still in her jumperoo and doesn't have a bib on. Thank gawd I had the camera!! ;)


Jeremy and Mindy said...

That is the same face Macy Grace made when she first ate avacado! She loves to eat, I too, skipped cereal, I see no point. Although I started solids a little earlier than you, I have been VERY slow at introducing them to her. She loves everything so far and I give her more veggies than fruit, she's a big eater!

kidfoodie said...

Your baby is so beautiful! Avocado is a great first food. I use to help me find great foods to introduce to my baby.
Happy eating!

Mike and Emily Campbell said...

Her face is priceless!!! Too cute!